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Top French Handbag Brands For A Classy Woman

Unsure of which French handbag to choose for yourself? You may learn about the top French handbag manufacturers in this article.

France is known for its sophistication and style. The nation is renowned for creating some of the most stylish apparel and accessories. Because of Paris Fashion Week, the city is one of the four fashion capitals of the world. Therefore, it should not be surprising that French handbag manufacturers are well-known throughout the world.

In addition to wanting their purses to be sturdy and practical, French women also want to display them as fashion accessories. They always carry a purse, which is a must-have item whether they are wearing business attire or are going to a fancy event.

Following is a list of the Best French Handbag Brands for a Classy Woman if you wish to carry a luxurious and long-lasting bag like them. This collection of the greatest French-made handbags includes a variety of classic, contemporary, fashionable, minimalist, opulent, and cost-effective brands. Some of them are famous only for their handbag or purse collections, while others have ventured into the creation of other goods that are just as well-liked as their bags. I hope you locate the ideal bag you're seeking.

Three siblings—two brothers and a sister—founded the business Polène in 2016, giving it a very recent beginning. When it comes to French purse labels, it may still be a young company, but it has already gained notoriety for its use of premium leather and stylish designs. You don't have to spend a fortune to buy one of their bags either because they are reasonably priced. Their most popular signature bag is appropriately referred to as Number One.

French handbag company Le Tanneur creates, produces, and markets premium, handcrafted full-grain leather handbags. It was established in 1898 by skilled tanner Mr. Bonnex and leather craftsman Bonnardel. Le Tanneur has been living up to its motto, "Maître Maroquinier," which translates to Master Leather artisan, for more than 120 years. Because of the quality of the brand and its leather, it was charged in 1914 with making gaiters for the French soldiers fighting in World War I. They even released Tann's school backpacks in 1978, which were well-liked by students.

Longchamp will be among the top 5 of the most cheap French handbag manufacturers. One of the few premium companies that is still owned by the family is Cassegrain, which was founded in 1948. In the beginning, Jean had a business where he sold cigarettes and covered his pipes with priceless leather. Because of how excellent the leather was, he decided to turn his shop into an accessories store where he would produce and market premium French leather accessories like wallets and bags.

A relatively new, cutting-edge, and minimalist company called Ateliers Auguste is well recognised for its accessories and handbags. Brothers Laurent and Xavier Valembert launched it in 2012 with the goal of creating bags specifically for guys. Later, they also started making bags for ladies. The handbags are created by trained artisans in workshops located in Italy and Portugal, despite being developed and sold in France (and the rest of the globe). In addition to handbags, there are also purses, bucket bags, totes, and crossbody bags available. The bags are priced between the budget-friendly and opulent segments, but trend more toward the former.

The other newcomer on the block, Louvreuse, was established in 2016 by Victoire de Villiers, together with Polène (#1). Their distinctive designs are influenced by both art and fashion. The company's Cleo bags are the ideal choice if you're purchasing handbags from France as souvenirs and want something special to remind you of the exciting country. These come in full size and minis and are shaped like a pyramid to imitate the Louvre (see the link to the brand name). Their circle purses are also rather well-liked.

Morgane Sézalory founded her own company, Sézane, in 2013 as a result of her passion for everything antique. She first launched it as an online project where she would hold regular "drops" or "rendez-vous" sales of updated vintage apparel. She recognised her potential and began enhancing these with her own creations, which is how her brand was created. Sézane offers classic items that go with practically every season and are designed to defy trends. Although it began as a clothes line, it now offers a wide range of products, including purses, shoes, and accessories.

Some of the best French luxury handbags for ladies were produced by Gérard Gerbi and Danielle Gerbi-Darel, who launched Gérard Darel in 1971. They released the renowned "24 hours" bag in 2003. The name of the bag suggested that it will contain everything a woman needs for a day while also being elegant and practical. With this handy, she could go from meetings to brunches to late soirées to cocktail dinners. Hollywood celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Eva Longoria, Susan Sarandon, and Meryl Streep started using these bags since they were so well-liked. Hillary Clinton, a former US secretary of state, admitted to owning it.

You might be shocked to learn that Céline Vipiana and her husband, Richard, launched Celine in 1945 as a custom-made shoe boutique for kids. The company later started offering women's ready-to-wear clothing, and later it expanded into selling high-end leather items. It was acquired by the famed LVMH organisation in 1996 after a change in ownership. The handbags in their baggage series were what became and continue to be their most well-liked line. Their company has always aimed to keep things simple but elegant, and that is exactly what they provide now.

Simon Porte, a self-taught designer, is 22 years old. Despite having already launched his own label, Jacquemus, at the age of 19, Jacquemus was the youngest designer to be awarded a spot at Paris Fashion Week. Despite the fact that several French bag designers were already well-known, Simon stunned everyone by releasing a miniature version of a regular-sized handbag, a minibag called the Jacquemus purse, and a tiny bag dubbed the It. He gradually won the market for little purses, and none other than Karl Lagerfeld lauded him for his aesthetic and design sensibility.