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These Handbag Trends Are Going Out Of Style

I know the adage "diamonds are eternal," but forget about diamonds. Handbags, in my opinion, are timeless.

I know the adage "diamonds are eternal," but forget about diamonds. Handbags, in my opinion, are timeless. All you have to do is know when to put some trends on hold for a few seasons in favour of newer, more modern options. (To retain their form, pack them with newspaper before putting them in storage.)

This autumn, I've observed a larger-than-usual change in bag trends, with many of the tried-and-true faves from previous seasons beginning to feel old in comparison to the flashy new ones presented on the fall runways. Prada's once-ubiquitous nylon Re-Edition bags have been replaced with classic bowler and briefcase-style bags, while surprisingly little purses have been replaced by shockingly huge ones (because practicality for fall is always trendy).

While it is heartbreaking to say goodbye to the bags that have carried our most precious items every day for the last few years, the time has come for a change of guard. See which styles to keep this season and which ones to replace them with ahead.

Prada has always been a thought leader and trend setter, so when the company reintroduced its 2000 nylon bag, it erupted into the fashion landscape, inspiring hundreds of dupes and becoming almost immediately omnipresent on social media. However, with so much attention comes a shorter lifetime, which has customers shopping elsewhere this autumn for the next hip bag to tote about. Knowing this, the firm designed the Supernova bag, which is contributing to the revival of the early-aughts bowler-bag style.

Neon bags had their moment in the spotlight, due in large part to Balenciaga's Le Cagole shoulder bag, which made buckled, hardware-clad hot-pink and lime-green purses feel like necessary summer wardrobe pieces. With the approach of fall, it's time to trade in those vibrant bags for something a little more frosty and festive: metallic purses. The unexpected rush of gold and silver handbags, a consequence of the increasing heavy-metal runway trend, feels curiously new given how "tacky" those hues have appeared in the past.

Goodbye, beach bags, and welcome, stylish alternatives to our drab workplace totes. Rectangular-shaped briefcase-inspired handbags have stolen the focus from the easygoing, crochet bags we use every summer, thanks to labels like Miu Miu, Khaite, Prada, and others. What's the best part? You can fit your laptop inside depending on the size you choose, sparing you from having to lug about a simple canvas bag to and from work.

Basket bags are ideal for warm weather when clothes are unnecessary, as it is simple to reach into your open bag and uncover whatever is lurking inside. But now that fall has here and winter is approaching, we need bags that are flexible, spacious, and able to be zipped securely. That's where slouchy totes like Khaite and Ree Projects come in. These sleek totes are a great buy for the next cold-weather season, since they are slouchy and comfortable without being stodgy.

Triangle bags, which dominated Prada's fall/winter 2022 and spring/summer 2023 collections, are another Prada-led bag trend. Because of their compact size and eye-catching design, the style has swiftly surpassed wristlets, which had a reappearance a few seasons ago but have since began to fade in favour.

I can't be the only one who's getting a little thrilled about extra-extra little bags losing their cool ness. As adorable as they are, these little purses are just too impractical for anyone who loves to leave the home with more than a credit card, ID, and box of breath mints. For fall, I'm a fan of XXL bags, which can accommodate everything you'd ever need and then more.

Though Balenciaga's neon Le Cagole bags are losing popularity, the style in general—particularly in more neutral colours like black and white—isn't going anywhere. Indeed, it has resulted in an increase in demand for lavishly adorned purses adorned with a variety of buckles, clasps, and clips. And, with so many alternatives, we'll almost likely have to give up a few old favourites in the process. Handy belt bags haven't been fresh in a few seasons, so buckle bags it is till a designer revamps them again.