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9 Types Of Handbags You Should Have

Handbags are more than just storage for your belongings; the right one can tie your entire outfit together and make a strong fashion statement.

Most people have several different handbags in their closet. And, like shoes, each serves a specific purpose, dresses up or down an outfit, and expresses the wearer's personal style. So, what's the key to finding the perfect bag? Continue reading for our guide to the nine different types of purses that are essentials in any wardrobe.

This classic is named after the way it's worn: slung over one shoulder. It varies in size but is generally large enough to hold all of your essentials and then some, making it one of the most functional—and popular—handbag styles. Shoulder bags are ideal for both casual and professional settings, so choose one in a neutral colour.

The way this single-strap style is worn is also named. The crossbody bag, while smaller than a shoulder bag, still allows you to go hands-free. It's ideal for errands, social gatherings, travel, and any other situation where you want to carry only what you need. Because it can be worn day or night, this is a great style to stock up on in a variety of shapes, colours, and fabrics.

These medium-sized handbags are typically carried by two short handles, though a long shoulder strap is sometimes included for convenience. They resemble a soft-sided briefcase and are usually large enough to store books, magazines, and laptop computers. Wear one to dress up your on-campus or corporate look.

Consider this your everyday haul solution. A tote is a large, single-compartment bag with no closure that allows you to easily throw items in and take them out while on the go. Totes are often made of a tough, casual fabric like canvas or nylon, but they come in a variety of materials and can even be a sophisticated option for the office in structured, high-quality textiles like leather.

These glamorous handhelds are typically used as evening accessories, with formalities ranging from moderate to very upscale. A sequined or beaded clutch is appropriate for an extravagant ball or even a wedding, whereas a low-key design is appropriate for happy hour or a date night. Some have removable shoulder straps, while others double as wallets.

This utilitarian style is not just for students; it is a polished version of the campus classic that allows you to live your best adult life without the hassle of carrying a handbag. Backpacks vary in size—some are extremely small—but many are large enough to transport tablets and laptop computers. This relaxed look is ideal for travel, weekend errands, and coffee dates with friends.

Since it was first popularised by Jane Birkin in the 1960s, this style has gone in and out of favour. Because of organic fabrics like rattan, straw, wicker, and raffia, it's still a go-to for boho wardrobes. The style is often in a sandy-beige colour and can include beads, fringe, and seashells, making it ideal for vacation.

The minimalist's best pal. It's small, unobtrusive, and the ideal size for carrying a debit card, ID, lipstick, keys, and cash. Some designs are even intended to house specific smartphones. When you don't want to be bothered with unnecessary items, like an evening hopping from one location to the next, a weekend festival, or a quick errand, wrap one around your wrist.

This large, slouchy, crescent-shaped go-to is more glamorous than its name suggests. It's a timeless, fashionable option for a variety of occasions, such as casual weekends, travel, or an evening out with friends. The beauty of this handbag is that it feels stylish but never overly so. Some designs are more structured in nature, retaining the soft crescent shape with less fabric.