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Edgy Handbags Are Taking Over Fall ’22, From Balenciaga To Mango

Nothing can ever replace the original when it comes to designer It bags.

Nothing can ever replace the original when it comes to designer It bags. However, in the aftermath of Balenciaga's Le Cagole purses and their spectacular ascent to prominence this year, an entire suite of edgy styles has emerged. The fashion industry embraced the brand's 2022 update to its renowned Y2K-era City Bag wholeheartedly. We noticed it in the hands of celebrities all over the world and it quickly rose to It-item status as soon as it reached the shops.

Indeed, there has been a surge in popularity in elaborately hardwared purses adorned with various buckles, clasps, and clips. And with so many alternatives to select from, there's certain to be a style for everyone, whether you consider your style to be grungy or not. Keep scrolling to see the edgy handbags that are defining cool carryalls for 2022, from Balenciaga's world-famous shoulder bag to the more affordable options Mango and Zara are serving.


Prada’s Cleo shoulder bag draws inspiration from vintage Prada. Given its streamlined and elegant design, it is easy to understand why it has been such a big hit with fashion editors and influencers worldwide. (VAT included, £2,300) This Prada Cleo shoulder bag, made of black leather, will be your top option for every outfit. And it’s not just the colour, either.

With advice from a celebrity stylist and a fashion buyer, the most significant bag trends for 2023 are here to help you get the new year off to a great start.

1. Belt Bags
2. Super Size
3. Hard Shell
4. Drippy
5. Utilitarian Pockets
6. Top Handle
7. Chainmail
8. Extreme Minimalism
9. Floral
10. Sequins & Rhinestones


The purse you once cherished gradually degrades, and before you realise it, all left is a shell of what it once was. Everyone is guilty of neglecting the maintenance of their handbag, but if you’ve ever had to part with a purse you adored, you now realise how important it is to properly maintain them.

Fortunately, professionals who specialise in professional purse cleaning exist, making it simple to get your expensive handbag back to its pre-damaged state. Don’t let a fantastic bag get stained. Baby wipes are an excellent emergency spot-cleaning method for those little everyday accidents.

If you adore handbags and can’t imagine going a day without carrying one, you should be aware of the various available styles.
1. Shoulder Bag
2. Satchel
3. Sling Bag
4. Quilted Bag
5. Clutch
6. Minaudiere
7. Hobo Bag
8. Wristlet
9. Beach Bag
10. Wallet