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Ways To Save Money By Extending The Life Of Your Handbag

Nothing hurts more than seeing a treasured handbag begin to show signs of wear and tear.
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GOBankingRates spoke to Deseri Kelly, founder of luxury handbag brand DESERI, about the options available to those who want to keep their handbags in good shape. The best practices for handbag protection depend on the types of materials the handbag is made from.


While it’s normal that a handbag used frequently would eventually have a somewhat worn appearance, no one likes it when theirs becomes so worn out that they have to look for a replacement.

The good news is that there are actions fashionistas can do right now to safeguard and extend the life of their handbags. Deseri Kelly, creator of luxury handbag brand DESERI, spoke with GOBankingRates about the choices available to individuals who wish to maintain their handbags — especially vintage and/or premium bags — in good condition. Follow these steps to make it a reality.


Leather or Suede Protectant

Kelly suggests applying a protectant solution to offer a layer of protection to the exterior of a leather or suede handbag. It shouldn’t cost much, but it may pay off big time.

The Dust Bag

The recommended techniques for handbag protection vary depending on the materials used to make the bag. Kelly advised using the dust bag that came with your purse. If you leave your handbag at the workplace, place it inside its dust bag to protect it from sunshine and moisture.

Stuff Your Handbag

Most purses come with a lot of paper in them. Many individuals will throw this paper away without a second thought, but reconsider.

Stuffing your bag, according to Kelly, helps it keep its form while not in use. Once your handbag has been properly filled, place it inside its dust bag.

Prevent Oils Touch

It might be difficult to keep oils away from purses made of particular materials, such as leather. The dust bag may be of great assistance in preserving the purse from oils, particularly those on your hands.

“Do not handle your expensive leather bag after applying lotion or perfume to your hands since it will affect the colour of your purse over time,” Kelly said.

Kelly also suggests using leather conditioners or other conditioners tailored to the material of the purse to preserve it from oils.


Damp White Cloth

If you need to clean your handbag, Kelly recommends wiping it down with warm water and a tiny quantity of mild soap on a white towel.

“I recommend cleaning along the grain with clear Dawn dishwashing soap,” Kelly says. “Be careful not to soak the handbag with the cloth.

Kelly stressed the importance of allowing the purse to thoroughly dry after washing. You may preserve it when it has dried fully.

Professional Dry Cleaner

Some purses must be thoroughly cleaned by a professional. Kelly suggests taking a leather purse to a dry cleaner who specialises in this material. “They will condition the leather and give it the care it requires and deserves to extend the life of the bag,” Kelly explained.

Climate-Friendly Storage Practices

The sort of environment in your area will determine how you store your purse. If you live in a humid region, Kelly advises storing silica gel packets in your baggage while not in use. Those who live in dry climates should inspect their bags to ensure that the silica gel packets do not dry out particular material types, such as leather.

Above all, keep your purse out of direct sunlight. Kelly suggests placing your purse on a shelf, tucked in its dust bag.

“Remember, a purse on the floor is money out the door!” Kelly said.


Leather may survive for up to 100 years before disintegrating, but most individuals will not keep their bag for that long. However, a top quality bag made of full grain leather that is routinely oiled and carefully preserved can survive for up to 30 years.

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