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Houston-Based, Nigerian-Born Designer Arinze Marshall Creates A High-End Handbag Line

Arinze Marshall, a fashion designer with Nigerian roots, is introducing his new luxury bag line to the market. A handbag can truly be the final piece of clothing.
Model Holding Arinze Marshall Handbag

Nigerian-born fashion designer Arinze Marshall is throwing his new luxury bag brand into the conversation. He moved to Houston in 2016 and soon fell in love with the city and became a part of it. He plans to branch out to wallets, belts, and sunglasses in the future.


Arinze Marshall, a fashion designer with Nigerian roots, is introducing his new luxury bag line to the market. A handbag can truly be the final piece of clothing.

Recently, Arinze Marshall introduced his own line of high-end handbags, which will go on sale in 2020 during the epidemic. Everyone was going through a difficult time, and according to Marshall, he threw himself into drawing and bag creation during that time. He was eager to see those plans come to fruition.

While attending college, Marshall became involved in the fashion industry. He would perform in runway performances, and soon after, he was working with a group that organised runway performances.


Arinze Marshall High-End Handbag Line

In 2016, he relocated to Houston, where he quickly fell in love and assimilated. Additionally, he thought it provided more in terms of fashion. He informed me, “Many people believe that fashion is not a big deal in the city of Houston, but I believe otherwise because there are many young people and young fashionable individuals here. However, “I think people only think of the South when they hear of Houston, and I think there’s a lot more that we can offer.”

The hard work of making his bags began when he had finished sketching up his ideas. He had to start looking for supplies, getting in touch with suppliers, and ordering samples. In order to maintain his business in the most sustainable way possible, he also makes sure that his suppliers get their leather responsibly.

The next best thing, according to Marshall, was unquestionably functionality and quality. It all started to come together when he discovered manufacturers who could produce his designs in every way he had envisioned.

“Quality has therefore always been a pillar of my foundation since I won’t compromise on it. I will never skimp on quality “said he.

He let me to inspect the bags up close, and it was obvious that they were of high quality because you can both see and feel it. The goods have an elegant appearance.

It was vital to Marshall to draw on his Nigerian roots. He declared, “I’m an Igbo man.” “Even though the brand is American and was created there, I still wanted it to have a consistent identity. That will lead it back to its roots.”

The Igbo tribe’s hieroglyphs for the word “Eze,” which is pronounced “azay,” served as the model for Marshall’s bag’s emblem. He claimed that it is an Igbo term that means “king.”

“Because so few people speak it these days, some would contend that our language is one of the endangered languages in the world. Therefore, it’s something that just connects you to your ancestry, “He told me.

King is a symbol of royalty, and Marshall wants his customers to see themselves as royalty when they wear his creations.

It’s for everyone who considers themselves to be the type of stylish, affluent, diligent, and sophisticated person, he says.

Inspiration for a designer can come from anywhere and at any time. He provides the Cosmos Briefcase, which he is currently developing, as an example. It has a purple velvet lining and is a black leather briefcase.

According to Marshall, the inspiration struck him when he was studying more about astrology and the cosmos.

People could think of the colours blue and purple when they first imagine the universe. Marshall declares, “So, in the midst of all that darkness, we have the bag in black with a purple interior. That purse is really a gift to the solar system.”

There is no doubting the bag’s attractiveness when you see it in person.

The designer mostly focuses on handbags, although he does not have any other products in his line. He intends to expand into belts, wallets, and perhaps eyewear.

“However, some of the reasons we love leather and the craftsmanship are coming soon, at least. I believe leather displays a high level of craftsmanship, and the designs are stunning “Marshall said.

Although the Arinze Marshall brand is still small, it has a defined direction in which it wishes to go.

To be a part of the future, Marshall continues, “I want people to feel like they are part of the future with us.”

The fact that there is a place for all Black designers and innovators is one thing Marshall wants people to know.

“Black designers don’t seem to have enough space, in my opinion. In the Black community, I believe we should look into it in the sense that you contribute to the creation of spaces. Those with a voice should aid in paving the way for Black designers and Black companies “He claims. I’m not trying to diminish the contributions that people of different races and cultures have made to the industry, but I’ve always had the mindset that there is enough room for birds to fly in the sky.

Instead of living in the past, he wants people to participate in the future. He asserted that it is now appropriate for additional designers and companies to participate.

Additionally, he is supported as he enters the game by his wife Shannon, whom he met when he relocated to Houston. “My family has been incredibly helpful. All of them, even my family members. Yes, indeed. family members. siblings of mine And my tiny, select group of buddies, you know. They recognise themselves, “He laughed as he stated.

Marshall possesses a lot of talent for his ideas. The young designer is brimming with inventions and suggestions for new ways to apply his own craft to the fashion industry.


Arinze Marshall is a new fashion house specialized in designing luxury accessories for the high end classy individual. 

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