Bella Hadid’s Favourite Handbag And The Self-taught Designer George Banks

26 NOV 22

Bella Hadid's bag collection is impressive, from her antique Chanel handbag to her Balenciaga Le Cagole. However, a new addition to the model's accessory collection has caught our eye: a black half-moon bag with an abstract New York emblem.

George Banks, the bag's creator, quietly established Florist in 2019 with the sole goal of creating a smile on people's cheeks. "I loved the notion of someone buying a Florist bag, either for themselves or as a gift, and it being [similar to] the way you would buy flowers," says Banks, who is headquartered in New York, of the name's inspiration. "It's to make your day brighter."

Floral themes appear prominently in the colourful stitching that covers the bags, which was meticulously done by Banks himself in his Brooklyn workshop using a 1930s Singer embroidery machine.

Each piece might take up to 25 hours to complete. "Everything is created to order in house," says Banks. "From the procurement of the materials through the distribution of the product, I have my hands in it."

Banks, a self-taught designer, had his first experience of the industrial industry after arriving to New York from Melbourne and landing a position at menswear company Knickerbocker.

The tale behind the bags is undeniably appealing as well. "Everything is done in such small amounts; each product has its own distinct personality," Banks adds. It's easy to see why Bella described it as her "favorite bag" on Florist's Instagram page.