Bottega Veneta Handbags Come With A Lifetime Warranty

29 OCT 22

Bottega Veneta, which has been nominated for Designer of the Year by The Fashion Awards, has unveiled a new guarantee scheme for their handbags. The latest effort from the design brand, dubbed "Certificate of Craft," gives a lifelong warranty to customers who buy a Bottega Veneta handbag.

With this debut, the brand's handbags come with a free maintenance service that includes infinite refresh and repair on each design. "Bottega Veneta is outstanding craft with beautiful design and imagination," said the label's CEO Leo Rongone in a news statement.

The Certificate of Craft is the result of a desire to provide our clients with excellent long-term preservation of their products." "We focus on prudent growth," he concluded. Our goal is to keep things in use for extended periods of time, decreasing the need for replacement... One of our founders' vision stays aligned with ours.

Bottega Veneta was created to symbolise the most high and polished expression of luxury. We produce our items in days, not hours. They are intended to last indefinitely."

Bottega Veneta clients will be issued a tangible card with a unique serial number for each piece that may be fixed for an indefinite amount of time beginning in November. The service will begin with traditional handbag models from the company, followed by contemporary versions.