Buy These Best Designer Handbags In Australia

11 OCT 22

In 2022, no fad has taken up quite as strongly as the almost universal desire to acquire a luxury handbag

Each year comes a new set of trends and designs, yet certain premium fashion brands (read: Prada, Dior, and Coach) routinely sell out of almost every bag they issue

Take, for example, the popularity of Prada's Cleo handbag, which is a wonderful example of our renewed infatuation with retro trends

With its brushed leather surface and stiff yet soft form, the design is clearly inspired by historical trends and pays homage to the 1990s

Of course, its debut at the SS22 Miuccia Prada x Raf Simons show spawned a slew of knockoffs, but a designer bag is nothing without the brand insignia, which means consumers are willing to pay for it

It's unclear how or why the return of designer handbags is more significant now than ever before, but Gen Z's aggregate purchasing power is driving these premium labels deeper into the mainstream

Whatever the cause, these investment items are making a comeback in a big manner, becoming more timeless in character and appealing to a wider spectrum of customers