From Neon Pink Skirts To Floral Handbags

18 OCT 22

The leather scene in Chennai is as vibrant as its filter coffee. While a lot of Tamil Nadu leather firms sell to high-end and luxury brands, their names are frequently hidden by Non Disclosure Agreements.

Fortunately, several of the city's indigenous companies have developed their own collections utilising locally sourced quality leather in recent years. As a result, we now have a slew of leather labels selling high-quality Made in Tamil Nadu handbags, shoes, and clothing, frequently with the same colour palette and trends as Europe.

Imran Pasha's family has been involved in the leather industry for over 40 years. He collaborates with Eastern European designers who frequently demand unusual finishes. He found he was achieving finishes he hadn't seen previously when manufacturing small batches of leather for the Bulgarian and Austrian markets.

That's when he decided to launch Myon in the Indian market. "We are attempting to transform our long-standing corporate tradition into a young, edgy, experimental offering." "We provide a peek of that in our works for the market here while I produce colours for the following season in Europe," explains Imran.

Myon's first collection, which debuted in May of this year, contains bags with sophisticated flower designs. "When you think of leather, you think of browns, beiges, blacks, and distressed or smooth finishes." It's strange to think of leather in flowers, embossed designs, metallics, and magnificent colours," adds Imran, adding that this is precisely what they offer to the table, in addition to responding to requests for leather furnishings.