How Queen Gave Secret Signals From Her Handbag

03 OCT 22

According to a number of Royal specialists, Queen Elizabeth II's purses acted as both useful fashion statements and a technique of secretly communicating with her maids about when she wanted talks to end. The Queen usually wore a handbag that matched her expensive outfit or the occasion.

The Queen spent a lot of time dealing with notable persons, thus it seems completely reasonable that she would utilise clever tactics to leave when she was ready. Furthermore, her employees may have felt the need to take extra security procedures, making disguised handbag signals not only courteous but also rather practical.

According to Royal critic Kristen Meinzer, who talked on Newsweek's The Royal Report podcast, the Queen would indicate to her ladies-in-waiting that she wanted someone to come and disrupt the discussion by transferring her purse from one arm to the other. If the Queen was determined to escape the situation immediately, she would put her suitcase entirely flat on the ground. The Queen appears to have done the same thing by twirling a ring on her finger.

According to media sources, the Queen would place her luggage on the table if she needed to finish her meal in the next five minutes. If the Queen was taking calls at Buckingham Palace, she had a convenient hidden buzzer she could use to order her guests to leave.

She preferred custom-made purses with longer handles so they wouldn't catch on her garments when she was out greeting and shaking hands with a large number of people. The Queen was spotted removing her specs and selecting the colour of her lipstick for the day. She would also carry a mirror and a cash worth £5 or £10 for Sunday church offerings, according to accounts.

People were warned not to embrace the Queen since it was inappropriate to make physical contact with her until she offered her hand for a handshake. Fascinatingly, when former First Lady Michelle Obama visited Buckingham Palace for the first time in 2011, she was seen with her arm around the Queen, prompting headlines around the Western world accusing her of breaking royal protocol. 

The Queen, on the other hand, returned the sentiment and wrapped her arm around Michelle.