Korean Artist Park Seo Bo Handbag Designs Will Be Displayed By Louis Vuitton

8 NOV 22

The master of dansaekhwa, or Korean monochrome painting, is 90-year-old Park. Since 2019, Louis Vuitton has worked with contemporary artists from all around the world to create limited-edition ArtyCapucines. The project's first Korean artist to take part is Park.

One of Park's most well-known pieces, the myobeop (the Korean term for an outstanding method) series, serves as the inspiration for his ArtyCapucines. Since the mid-1990s, when the late-ecriture phase began, Park has eliminated any signs of the human hand from his creations. Instead, he has been adding deeper, richer colours while making regular furrow-like areas using sticks, rulers, and other objects.

A 2016 work from the myobeop series was especially the source of inspiration for the new handbag line. The high-end design firm used three-dimensional rubber injection technology and brushwork techniques on carp leather to replicate the distinctive texture found on purses.

The back of an artwork by Park is reproduced on the pocket inside the bag, which bears Park's signature. The handle is made of walnut wood and a metal frame. Underneath the bag are studs that Park has long utilised in his artworks and that were inspired by fasteners.

I immediately saw the artisan spirit of Louis Vuitton when I saw ArtyCapucines wearing [my] artwork, remarked Park. "ArtyCapucines is the perfect illustration of how art can survive in daily life with the general people."

Park is exhibiting three pieces from his myobeop series at Cheongdam-dong. The designs from this year's ArtyCapucines, created by well-known artists including Daniel Buren, Ugo Rondinone, Peter Marino, Kennedy Yanko, and Amélie Bertrand, will also be on show.