Logo-Free Handbags To Elevate Your Outfit

21 OCT 22

Logomania has been the prevailing trend in accessories in recent years. Valentino relied heavily on its characteristic V during its most recent presentation, with some models essentially wearing it from head to toe.

Fendi's Spring 2023 handbags prominently display the brand's name. Telfar's totes are a definite must-have, since they can be seen everywhere on the street and are easily identifiable thanks to their emblem.

Logos are popular for a variety of reasons. They're entertaining to wear. They bring us together as a tribe. They can make us feel a specific way or attract the attention we seek from others. Still, if you depend too heavily on logomania, you risk dominating your particular style.

When it comes to handbags, choosing unbranded may frequently result in a more elegant and adaptable appearance. If you want your brand to complement your ensemble rather than dominate it, search for alternatives that aren't too adorned with logos.

It has no effect on the piece's artistry; instead, it adds an air of mystery: when it's difficult to determine who produced your bag, it pulls people in.