MSCHF First Handbag Is Manufactured In Italy (But Not That Italy)

15 NOV 22

To call MSCHF an art collective is an oversimplification of the Brooklyn-based group's work. MSCHF is a slap in the face to our late-capitalist culture, delving into the cheekily dystopian intersection of art, fashion, performance art, and gamified lifestyles in a way that Black Mirror could only dream of.

Despite the sardonic wit that pervades its designs, MSCHF is thoughtful in every way. From its drop websites to the actual creations, MSCHF's witty presentation conceals genuine artistic integrity. There's a reason why these guys create items that are both museum-worthy and as hyped as any Supreme release.

MSCHF's first handbag, the "Made in Italy," exemplifies the company's concept. The catch is that the very inexpensive bag claims to be handcrafted in Italy, just like luxury bags that cost four figures. MSCHF's handbag, on the other hand, is created in a different Italy. That is, Italy, Texas.

Again, the handbag is clearly an exploration of the "Made in" descriptor, which has long been used as a barometer of quality. Why does the place of manufacture of a thing determine its worth? Why is one region more valuable than another? In today's stratified fashion industry, these labels are essentially useless and no longer guarantee any level of quality.

Consumers still lack total information on supply chains and have no clue if a product created in Italy was wholly manufactured in Italy or just completed there. Where did the materials come from? Are the employees foreign-born? MSCHF mulls over everything.

So, MSCHF's Made in Italy handbag is not only a parody of the label that so many luxury labels slap on their products, but it's also a genuinely useful accessory. MSCHF's Made in Italy handbag is made of high-quality leather and embossed with stylized branding, similar to Telfar's signature accessory.