Sarah Jessica Parker Waterproof Handbag

1 NOV 22

I've been trying to get at least 10,000 steps in per day (for health and mental wellness), and it's been a game changer — so much so that if I can't go, my day feels incomplete. I saw that the forecast for Monday was cloudy, but I had no idea it was raining, so the moment I left my apartment and felt the drizzle, I had to decide whether I should continue on without an umbrella or return home. I continued walking.

The And Just Like That star is no stranger to a comfy 'fit, and her outfit from yesterday was no exception. She wore her signature sweatpants, a loose-fitting striped T-shirt, a black puffer coat, and, last but not least, a forest-green crossbody bag from her eponymous label.

Her exact bag isn't available anywhere (trust me, I looked), but I can tell you that it's the perfect size for anything you need on a typical day — keys, wallet, iPhone, hairbrush, and face mask — and it appears to be made of a water-resistant nylon, so it can withstand fall's unpredictable forecast (or your essentials inside of it).

Aside from practicality, SJP and I both seem to favour crossbody bags. They're much easier to transport because you don't need to carry anything at all, and your hands are free for taking pictures, snacking, or holding.

So, what are you holding out for? Set aside that delicate suede tote in favour of a simple, cool, and long-lasting weather-resistant bag that's also simple to clean. Shop our favourites below.