The Best Everyday Handbags From All Over The World

28 OCT 22

While it may appear simple, shopping for the best everyday handbags can be difficult to master. A functional item that easily holds all of the essentials is non-negotiable, as is an item that is undeniably beautiful and versatile enough to be worn with multiple outfits.

We polled 20 Vogue editors from around the world to find out which handbags they'd happily wear every day. While we all have our own personal styles, we all have one thing in common: we can't say no to expertly crafted details. Discover the everyday handbags Vogue editors adore below, from Khaite's minimalist-approved totes to Loewe's artful silhouettes.

My ideal day bag is one that is small enough to fit under my arm and has an adjustable strap or chain so that it can be worn as a shoulder bag or crossbody. This style gets me through my day easily and has enough room to include my essentials without being too bulky to bring to a cocktail party if I don't have time to change before evening.

I have a tweed Proenza style that has been a staple in my wardrobe for years and checks all the boxes. I wish I was the type of person who could carry small bags, but I'm not. It's impossible because I always have my wallet, makeup, a book, chargers, and headphones with me. I've been obsessed with brown lately, and this Prada brown ombre bag is no exception—it feels like a great neutral for fall.

What Mothay does reveal about himself is that he is the middle child, sandwiched between big brother Mathieu and little sister Elsa, the three of whom co-created Polène. After all, fashion is their family business: In 1889, their great-grandfather founded the iconic French clothing line Saint James, purveyor of cult-favorite Breton-stripe shirts.

"Its products are of very high quality, and you can keep them for many, many years," Mothay says. "I believe it gave us a flavour of what good products should be." The Coach pillow Tabby in ivory has become my new fall go-to bag. I like it because the "C" stands for "Christian," but I also like how plush and roomy it is for a shoulder bag.