With Luca Nichetto, Angela Roi Unveils Apple Skin Leather Handbag

9 NOV 22

The furniture designer, who is renowned for his prolific approach to partnerships, has teamed up with accessories company Angela Roi of New York to create a tote bag made of leather from an apple. The handbag brand, established by South Korean-born Roi in 2012, has never engaged in a cooperation before.

"We use high-quality, environmentally friendly products and we support sustainability concepts. According to Roi, who has previously created cactus fake leather purses, plant-based [leather] alternatives "are the next frontier of green fashion tapping into our buyers' thirst for things helping the world."

The Malala bag pays homage to Nichetto's practical yet pop-infused approach to design. It has four structural, inward-looking compartments that resemble the French fry boxes from fast food restaurants. Nichetto's motivation to create a bag was inspired by his desire to apply functionality to a new product category.

He claimed that designers cannot ignore the bag's eco-credentials as an extra benefit. "Form is determined by function, which is why pockets are necessary since they assist rationalise and arrange all the items in a woman's purse. The designer remarked, "I didn't want to approach leather products from an aesthetic aspect; I wanted practicality to dictate the object's artistic pattern.

The bag makes its online debut on Tuesday and costs 1,050 euros. It comes in three colorways: beige, black, and dark red. Nichetto has a history of working with several companies, including the American piano manufacturer Steinway & Sons, the Swedish furniture design firm Offecct, Hermès, the home goods and porcelain brand Ginori 1735, and the Wien-based furniture business Wittmann.

This week marks the debut of Gran Nichetto, a new piano released by the latter duo that was motivated by the gondola shells of Venice. It is manufactured in a little quantity. Nichetto Studio was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2006. 

Nichetto resigned his position as La Manufacture's art director earlier this year after taking over that position in 2018. Since taking over as the firm's creative director in 2018, he has helped La Manufacture grow into a full-fledged design organisation.